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Bid Submission to Acme Construction

Acme Construction welcomes bids from qualified Subcontractors and Suppliers on all Public Works projects. 

Please do not fax or email bids. Bids are required to be submitted through Building Connected.

Please include your DIR Registration Number and Contractors License Number on all bids.

Building Connected

Use the links below register with Building Connected and view a list of current bid opportunities. 

Equal Opportunity Employer

Acme Construction is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers bids from all businesses, including those categorized as DVBE, MBE, DBE. LBE, MWBE, WBE, etc. and does so regardless of race, sex, color, age, religion, gender, disability, ethnicity or national origin. 


100% Payment and Performance Bonds may be required. All bidders are required to be bondable. When a bond is required, Acme Construction will pay up to 1% of the bid price, except for projects in which Subcontractor Bonds are required to be included. 

Master Subcontract Agreement

All Subcontractors that are selected for any Acme Construction project and will be providing labor are required to execute our Master Subcontract Agreement prior to receiving a project-specific Subcontract Work Order. The executed Master Subcontract Agreement applies to all projects that a Subcontractor is selected for by Acme Construction. Modifications, exclusions, and conflicting terms and conditions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

A sample of our Master Subcontract Agreement is available here.

Project Management Programs

If awarded a project with Acme Construction, Subcontractors and Suppliers agree to utilize Autodesk-Build and DocuSign for the management of project documents from project commencement to project closeout. Our team is always available for technical and general assistance with all programs. Subcontractors and Suppliers are not required to purchase these programs- user logins and use profiles are provided to necessary personnel through Acme Construction.

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